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Intelligent Water Purification System PRODEION

Prodeion is designed specially for medical laboratories’ application.
Prodeion is a highly productive energy-efficient and cost-effective system that produces highly purified deionized water. The System is available in three models according to the laboratory requirements the volume of water at the output.

A six-step purification system that includes

  • a mechanical filter
  • a carbon filter
  • cation exchange filter
  • an RO membrane
  • two ion exchange resin filters

step-by-step eliminate mechanical and organic suspensions and 98% of non-organic elements providing ultrapure deionized water free from bacterias and viruses. The water at the output complies with the international standards (ISO 3696 (1987), ASTM (D 1193-91), NCCLS (1988)).

Prodeion is generally used in analytical laboratories in chemical, oil, food and microbiological industry, in veterinary medicine and biotechnology, in semi-conductive material manufacturing as well as in research activities.

Parameter Unit of measurement
Water purity Up to 18 МΩ • cm (0.055 µS/cm)

15—20 L/h

30—40 L/h 40—50 L/h
Power consumption ≤ 100 watt
Pump supply voltage 24 V
Conductometer measuring limit 1–18  MΩ • cm
Inlet pressure 0–7 Bar
Voltage 220 V
Built-in conductometer with temperature compensation +
Displaying of water resistivity, water pressure, temperature in real-time mode +
Automatic controller of system operational capacity +
Automatic water recirculation and system ablution +
Automatic stop when the storage tank is full +
Direct connection to the water supply system +
Independent of water pressure +
No extra water for self-cooling required +
Direct water feed of the analyzer (optional) +
Compact transportable/floor-standing body +
Interface Multilanguage
Dimensions 1050 х 440 х 360 mm; 20 kg 1050 х 440 х 360 mm; 35 kg 1050 х 440 х 360 mm; 40 kg

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